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Article: 5 Simple ways to Incorporate Crystals into your Daily Life

Various Crystal Tumble Stones on a desk with apple Mac laptop, journal, sunglasses

5 Simple ways to Incorporate Crystals into your Daily Life

If you google search "how to use crystals" you will get 196,000,000+ results! as well as being nestled secretly within self-help books there really is so much amazing advice out there. We are so lucky to live in this snippet of time where we have so much information accessible to us simply by the click of a button. 

But what happens when all that information gets a bit overwhelming? personally I try to not fall down the rabbit hole now (I have been there many times!) and even though I still love trying out new ways to work with crystals, I find keeping it simple works best for me. Those little tasks that I can easily incorporate into my daily routine that never end up feeling like a chore.

I am a huge believer in using your own unique intuition when it comes to crystals, our bodies know how to heal naturally and as human beings we are all different, we like different foods, different colours and even how we approach and complete daily tasks is different to the next person. We all have our own unique blueprint on this earth and I believe working with crystals is no exception. We can learn from each other but then tweak things to fit into our own lives, in a way that works best for us simply by using our intuition.

Basically working with crystals is all about finding what feels best for YOU and knowing that there is NO wrong way to use them. Sometimes you can be drawn to a crystal that's healing properties have no relevance what so ever to what you think you need, but by letting go, listening and going with the flow we can allow nature and the universe to take care of us, sometimes its after the fact that you realise how much you actually did need what you were drawn too.

One of the questions I get asked most often at Desert Rose is "How should I use this crystal" or "How can I use crystals daily"? So I decided to make this post in the hope that if you are struggling to know where to start or you don't think you are using your crystals in a way that feels right to you, hopefully you will find a few tips and simple ideas here that will resonate with you. 

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to use these beautiful creations of nature so that we can shine a little bit brighter each day, so here are just 5 simple ways to add those little, sparkly bundles of joy into your daily routine without all the fuss..

  1. Keep them in your handbag/pocket

Let’s start with probably the most common way to incorporate crystals and that is to simply keep them on you throughout the day.

This can be in the way of tumble stones/flatstones or crystal jewellery...hey even a giant cluster if that's what you need ... I have been there, done that before haha! 

And for all of us out there that wear a bra, we have the perfect spot for them, here they are perfectly placed close to the heart and throat chakras for added convenience, otherwise you can keep them in your pocket, handbag or wherever you feel they will be most safe.

Crystal jewellery makes it even easier, layer up your favourite crystal bracelets, pop on a crystal necklace and/or earrings and you are good to go, again the placement of jewellery is perfect to interact with your chakras during the day.

Wondering how to choose your crystals for the day? For me I like to keep a small crystal bowl of tumble stones on my dresser. As I am getting ready in the morning certain crystals within this bowl will catch my eye and I will instantly feel drawn to them, I pluck them out and they are the crystals that I keep on me. A tip is to use a Selenite bowl for these crystals and when you place your crystals back in there at the end of the day, the Selenite will cleanse and clear them ready for their next outing.

I am a firm believer in intuition and listening to the universe when choosing crystals to buy or work with...sometimes our inner self knows us better than we think and you will be drawn to a crystals energy you didn't know you needed until after you have it. Give this a go next time you are choosing a crystal and then at the end of the day look up the crystal you have chosen's healing properties and see if they relate to how you were feeling for the day.

  1. Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

I cannot live without my Crystal Elixir Water Bottle, it has to be the most convenient way to incorporate crystal healing into my day to day life and not only are they extremely pretty to look at and carry around, they also encourage me to drink a lot more water than I normally would, reaping all the benefits of my chosen crystals vibration at the same time.

Crystal infused water is the perfect natural elixir. By adding a crystal to your water (preferably filtered if possible), the water then takes on the energetic vibration of that crystal and has been used within traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for healing many ailments.

However, you do not need a special Crystal Elixir Water Bottle to achieve this, you can create your own crystal infused water by filling a glass with clean filtered water and simply adding your crystal of choice (please be careful on which crystal you choose as not all crystals are safe to be placed within water) it is such a simple yet effective way to work with your specific crystals healing energy, rejuvenating you from the inside out.

To amp it up a bit you can set an intention with your crystal prior to placing it in the water. The same applies to your bath, to amplify the water and absorb a crystals healing energy try placing one of our bath tea bags or a few tumble stones in with you next time.

  1. Place crystals in specific areas around your home

When it comes to working with crystals daily it would make sense to place crystals specifically in areas where we spend the most time, for me this is my bedroom, kitchen and living areas. Even though I love styling up special, larger one of a kind crystals in my main living areas, I do try to have at least one crystal or crystal candle in most rooms of my home.

In my bedroom I tend to keep crystals that have a powerful yet gentle energy that help promote a calm mind and a good night’s sleep. Some of my favourites for this are Amethyst, Pink Amethyst, Celestite, Howlite, Selenite and Agate. I have a large Agate sphere next to my bed as there is something about the symmetrical shape that is very calming.

If you keep your phone in your bedroom at night then a must have is a Shungite coaster to place your phone on whilst you sleep, they help block any harmful EMF's and with all the technology around it is important to try and remove this for a good nights sleep.

In my Kitchen/Living room is where I love keeping my clusters, they are exquisite and look amazing styled up on top of a coffee table or on a bookshelf. They are conversation pieces and I find they help keep the energy balanced in these spaces where there can be a lot of emotions, technology and appliances.

Have some fun and move your crystals around, you will know what feels right for you and them! Just keeping them around you in areas where you spend the most time can make a huge difference to how you feel daily without having to do anything other than placing them in certain rooms with intention... Which brings me to my next tip...

  1. Keep them in your car

Yes I really do have crystals everywhere! and it makes sense to keep them in your car. If you are someone like me who gets slightly anxious when driving long distance or even just driving in general, their good vibes can make all the difference. 

I keep a lovely big piece of Tigers Eye in my centre console for protection and Lepidolite to help calm and aid anxiety...and well it also helps with any potential road rage too so a win/win there haha. 

All you need to do is whip them out onto the dash if there is going to be a full moon thus keeping them charged and ready to roll.

  1. Crystal Facial Roller/Gua Sha

Gua Sha and Crystal Facial Rollers really do not get enough credit. After having a Rose Quartz roller sitting in my bathroom just looking pretty for over a year I finally decided to use it one night and I was sold! I was surprised by how quick, simple and amazing it felt to use. I now use mine every. single. night. without fail and again a simple addition to my routine that gives me the benefits of crystal goodness.

A Gua Sha and Crystal Facial Rollers purpose is to aid in a DIY lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massages help to gently drain lymph fluid and muscle tissue reducing puffiness whilst helping stimulate oxygen flow to your skin. They can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture.

I like to keep mine in the fridge and depending on my mood I will use either Rose Quartz or Jade after cleansing, toning and moisturising. It is up to you whether you use a facial oil, it is not necessary however it is divine.

Also if you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes the cool crystal is such a refreshing and rejuvenating way to help wake you up for the day ahead.


So there it goes, they are just 5 of the ways I incorporate crystals into my day to day life easily. I hope you found a couple of helpful tips and I would love to know what you are going to try out? If there is something I didn't mention or something that you do daily please do mention it in the comments below I would love to give it a go!


Jana x

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