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Tumble Stones

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Rose Quartz TumbleRose Quartz Tumble
Small Natural Orange Carnelian Polished Crystal Tumble StonesCarnelian Polished Tumble Stones
Carnelian Tumble | Small Sale priceFrom $2.00
Serpentine TumbleSerpentine Tumble
Serpentine Tumble | Small Sale priceFrom $0.50
Larimar PieceLarimar Piece
Small Polished Yellow Citrine Crystal Tumble StonesCitrine Tumble Stones
Citrine Tumble Sale price$4.00
 Blue Lace AgateBlue Lace Agate
Natural Small Polished Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Tumble StonesCrazy Lace Agate Tumbles
Desert Rose Natural Small Polished Purple Amethyst Crystal Tumble StonesAmethyst Tumble | African
Amethyst Tumble | African Sale priceFrom $2.50
Sodalite Tumble StoneSodalite Tumble Stone
Sodalite Tumble Sale price$5.00
Howlite Tumble StoneHowlite Tumble
Zebra Jasper TumbleZebra Jasper Tumble
Natural Small Polished Green, Blue and Purple Fluorite Crystal Tumble StonesFluorite Tumble | Small
Tigers Eye TumbleTigers Eye Tumble
Tigers Eye Tumble Sale price$8.00
Sunstone TumbleSunstone Tumble
Sunstone Tumble Sale price$7.00
Natural Small Polished Clear Quartz Crystal Tumble StonesClear Quartz Tumble
Large Polished Natural Green Aventurine Crystal Tumble StonesAventurine Tumble
Mookaite TumbleMookaite Tumble
Mookaite Tumble Sale price$4.00
Natural Small Desert Rose Polished Black Apache Tears Crystal Tumble StonesApache Tears Tumble
Apache Tears Tumble Sale priceFrom $2.00
Honey Calcite TumbleHoney Calcite Tumble
Strawberry Quartz Tumble StonesStrawberry Quartz Tumble Stones
Kambaba Jasper TumbleKambaba Jasper Tumble
Unakite TumbleUnakite Tumble
Natural Small Polished Blue Calcite Crystal Tumble StonesBlue Calcite Tumble
Small Natural Polished Fire and Ice Quartz Crystal Tumble StonesFire + Ice Quartz Tumble
Obsidian TumbleObsidian Tumble
Obsidian Tumble Sale priceFrom $2.00
Rose Aura Quartz TumbleRose Aura Quartz Tumble
Ocean Jasper Tumble Ocean Jasper Tumble
Labradorite TumbleLabradorite Tumble
Labradorite Tumble Sale price$7.00
Kunzite Pieces | PolishedKunzite Pieces | Polished
Clear Quartz Tumble | LargeNatural Large Polished Clear Quartz Crystal Tumble Stones
Rainbow Moonstone TumbleRainbow Moonstone Tumble
Smoky Quartz TumbleSmoky Quartz Tumble
A-Grade Smoky Quartz TumbleA-Grade Smoky Quartz Tumble
Unakite Tumble | SmallUnakite Tumble | Small
Unakite Tumble | Small Sale priceFrom $3.00
Mahogany Obsidian TumbleMahogany Obsidian Tumble
Selenite TumbleSelenite Tumble
Selenite Tumble Sale price$6.00